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Child Therapy & Developmental Services

Sigma Home Child Therapy and Developmental Services provide specialized and unique programs to infants, children and teens, through the age of 20.  Those services and programs are designed mainly to be provided to families with children of special needs and developmental delays in the convenience of the child's home. We offer a uniquely designed plan of treatment for each individual child in accordance to his or her home environment, family support, physical, social and cognitive abilities and we work on each individual aspect separately.  

Our professional team is capable of providing a comprehensive treatment approach utilizing state of the art methods and technologies that have proven successful in most cases.

Our Mission
Every child's needs are different, and we know one child's method of treatment does not necessarily apply to another. We believe that a comprehensive and collaborative approach is the more appropriate way for every child with special needs. At Sigma Health Care, our Mission is to find the services that work best with each child and give the best outcome in a short period of time. 

We also believe that timely and informative communication between everyone involved in the care of the child is a key to provide a more effective treatment and education. We have ensured through our propitiatory communication System, "MyChild 360 Report™" that this goal is attained. 

Primary Services

Speech Language Pathology

• Occupational Therapy

• Physical Therapy

• Attendant Services

Special Programs

Behavior Modification
This service includes a verity of behavioral treatment methods that attempts to change the child's behavior by rewarding new and desirable responses and making accustomed undesirable ones less attractive.

Home Child Education
Besides providing home follow up to classroom education, parents will learn special methods of how to work with the child and improve his or her level of education within their strength and weaknesses and behavioral level.

Home Modification Services
A qualified therapy professional conducts a home evaluation and provides the family with itemized recommendations for home modification that helps in providing the child with a safe, comfortable and conducive environment depending on the need, disability and financial abilities.  

Parent Training and Counseling
We provide families with cutting-edge training that goes beyond simple printed information or resource list  We council parents on emotional, social stress that may associate with providing care and comfort for kids with special needs and we create a parallel family plan to reduce that stress  and increase quality family time.

Electronic Coordination of Activities through "MyChild 360 Report™"
We utilize a proprietary system to monitor and seamlessly communicate daily behavior and progress of the child in every setting whether at home, school or the community.  As information accumulates, it can continuously be tracked and data comparison can be obtained to give evidenced based information on any child's behavior over time that helps parents and providers alike to modify the plan of treatment and daily routine.