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Home Health Services

What is "Home Health"?

It is skilled medical care provided in the patient's place of residence for the treatment of certain illness or injury. This care should be provided by a licensed and certified home health agency in coordination with the patient's physician. Our services include:

Skilled Nursing

  1. Post Surgery Home Care
  2. Diabetes management
  3. Giving injections
  4. Cardiac care
  5. Pre/Post Partum care
  6. Teaching on medication intake 
  7. Pulmonary Care
  8. Renal Care
  9. Patient/Family Education
  10. Geriatric Program
  11. Total Home Infusion Program
  12. Diet Instruction/Evaluation and Teaching
  13. Wound Care
  14. Ostomy Care
  15. Any other care that cannot be performed safely and effectively by a non-medical person

Physical Therapy

Exercises to restore movement and strength to an injured arm or leg, and training in getting into or out of a wheelchair or bathtub.

Occupational Therapy

Helps you to achieve independence in daily liv ing by learning new techniques for eating, dressing and performing other routine tasks.

Speech Language Pathology

This type of therapy includes exercises to restore and improve speech.

Medical Social Services

To assess the social and emotional factors related to the illness, counseling based on this assessment, and searches for available community resources.

Home Health Aide

This service includes assistance with limited personal care to the patient.  These type of services are offered through a certified nurse aide on an intermittent bases only when a skilled medical  service is provided.